Hello, I'm Natalia

I know you’re busy. Me too. My aim is to make everything as easy as possible for you. Follow these steps:

I’m a legal and financial translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I’m now based in The Netherlands. From a beautiful city in Zuid-Holland, I run a boutique translation studio that grows with passion, continuous training and happy clients.

I’m also an advocate for clear communication and I wrote my Master’s Thesis on plain language, translation and privacy policies. Since 2018, I’ve presented my research at conferences across the globe.

I’m a huge music fan! When I’m not translating, you’ll find me in a record store or at a concert.

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What I bring to the table

I'm a professional translator

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Translation and an MA in Translation.

I love CPD

Books, articles, conferences, webinars, you name it. More than 10 years of continuous professional development (and counting!)

100% on time

I protect one of your greatest assets: time. That’s why I never ever miss a deadline.

Personalized attention

You’ll know who you are dealing with. Every time.

Quality guarantee

All projects are backed up by a 100% quality guarantee.


Information is also an asset. That's why I maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

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