Clear communication – clear results

Clear communication – clear results is the conference theme of PLAIN 2019.

But what is PLAIN?

PLAIN stands for Plain Language Association International. It’s a network of plain language supporters and practitioners around the world including members from over 30 countries working in clear communication in at least 15 languages.

PLAIN 2019 is the international conference of the Association. This year, plain language advocates and experts are meeting in Oslo, Norway. The hosts are the Norwegian Agency of Public Management and eGovernment and the Norwegian Language Council.

A bit more about PLAIN 2019

Plain language and clear communication are more than just words. At the conference, we will explore the effects of plain language on a greater scale in society, for justice and democracy. We will also look into how plain language interacts with disciplines such as information design, technical writing, usability, user experience and more, to produce clear communication and clear results.

Oslo in the summer Opera 2012

Speakers will focus on these sub-themes:

  • Write clear laws and nip legalese in the bud
  • Good results with user-friendly digital services
  • Facts and numbers – make use of research and surveys
  • Best practices
  • How to involve more people

A plain language rookie goes to Oslo

I’m very happy because I’m coming to Oslo to talk about my research on GDPR, plain language and translation. Hope to meet you there!

In the meantime, I’ll be posting regularly about PLAIN 2019. If you want to learn more about the conference, you can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn or check the hashtag #PLAIN2019.

If you’re into plain language and clear writing, you’re welcome to read my posts here and here.

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