Hello, legal translation world!

Hello, legal translation world! Welcome to my first “unofficial” post.

A few words before we begin…

What is this blog about?

This is a blog about legal translation, financial translation and plain language. I hope it serves as a meeting point for legal, accounting and language professionals. 

Here, you’ll find…

👉🏼 Articles about legal and financial translation 

👉🏼 Useful tips for writing in plain language

👉🏼 News of events relevant to legal and financial translation

Who is this blog for?

 👉🏼 Legal translators
 👉🏼 Legal professionals interested in language 
 👉🏼 Accounting professionals interested in language 
 👉🏼 Advocates of plain language


In the meantime, you’re welcome to check my website and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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