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If two people of different nationalities get married, I translate their personal documents, such as birth certificates and IDs

If they decide to move abroad, I translate their marriage certificate, employment agreements and passports.

If they do well and buy a house, I work on the mortgage agreement and title deed.

If one of them sets up a company with a foreign partner, I help them translate agreements, by-laws, annual reports and financial statements.

When the company hires foreign staff, I translate their employee handbook and training material.

When they file their tax return, I work on tax forms and bank statements.

If they have meetings with foreign partners and investors, I translate their presentations and brochures.

If there’s a legal issue, I translate the complaints and court orders.

If the company wants to attract new clients, I translate their website and blog.

If they want to make life easier for their clients, I translate their content into plain English and plain Spanish.

And when they write content for the company or for clients, I check their text for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes to make sure it’s clear and error-free.

Whatever the case, I’ll work my magic on your text and you’ll live happily ever after.

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